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torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Kolla Bruce' bok!

- A better world is possible – what needs to be done and how we can make it happen

The message of my book:

We face the biggest challenge in our history. Climate change is just one symptom of our failure to live in harmony with mother earth and all life on it, including each other. These 5 issues confronting us are inseparably linked:

·         Climate change – out of control and irreversible – possibly only 75 months before we reach the tipping point

·         Peak everything – not just Peak Oil. Fossil fuel, embedded in almost everything we consume, made our extraordinary way of life possible. We’ll have to do without it – it’s “gold”

·         We are destroying the ecosystem on which all life depends, poisoning the air all creatures breathe, the water of which life is made and the earth

·         Poverty and economic injustice

·         Violence, war, terrorism and the threat of nuclear annihilation


Now we are diverted from tackling these priorities by the economic crisis brought about by reckless greed and excessive debt. Money supply is largely created by debt, instead being issued by national reserve banks. It is a system that systematically transfers wealth from those who create it to rich and powerful elites. It is allowed by a dearth of inclusive democracy at every level. Debt fuels the system.

War and the arms industry destroy lives, add to global insecurity and divert resources from  conflict prevention and resolution and other far better uses.  


We need to transform the system.
Addressing symptoms won’t work. Rather than trying to patch things up, we need to understand and transform the system. We also require a new inspiration to give us hope Everyone needs to be engaged in a great new endeavour – think of Apollo’s trip to the moon! We need different values; a new sense of identity; a focus on what creates wellbeing for everyone and the simple things that make for happiness and fulfilment. It’s our choice:  collectively, we 6.7bn people can create a fairer, sustainable and non-violent world – or not. It is not enough to “be the change.” We also have to be activists and demand much more of our governments and global institutions. As COP16 in November approaches, we must do everything possible to make sure that, this time, governments of all nations make the fair and decisive choices that are so urgently needed.

My aim: Radical alternatives that focus on everyone’s wellbeing are offered in my book A better world is possible which can be accessed as a free pre-publication PDF from my home page
[ ]
 or direct at
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Key Campaigns for system change can be accessed from

I offer it as a resource for people all over the world who want to take action to transform the system and bring about a sustainable, just and peaceful world. The book will be published by O-Books early in 2011.

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