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fredag 12 mars 2010

Schumacher 4- TTT

Top Hopkins heter grundaren och eldsjälen bakom Transition Towns rörelsen. Det tredje T:et står för Totnes dvs den lilla staden här intill där det hela startade. Jag funderar under dagen på mekanismerna bakom att en rörelse startar och får utbredning. -
En av de viktigaste förklaringarna är så klart att tiden skall vara mogen, dvs att tillräckligt många människor har insikterna och redobogenheten att gå in i ett förändringsarbete. Och mycket tyder på att många människor världen över har det i dessa dagar!
Jag minns min kära Skattunge-kurs 1980. Då drömde vi om lågenergisamhället med dess visioner och nödvändigheter, och nu trettio år senare, ser det ut som om ALLT det är på väg att skapas!

I allfall är även personerna viktiga och tom Hopkins var just en sån cool och trivsam en som får folk att må bra. Se anteckningarna nedan.

STom Hopkins: Transition Town network

Started in Totnes!

Peak Oil +Climate Change and the principles of transition towns movement.

Where is Transition merging to?

Copenhagen failure was for the elite only – grass root stuff flourished.

Jeff Rubin energy consultant USA: “We are not running out of oil but cannot afford to burn it out.”

85 000000barrels of oil is used up daily

1965 discovered the greater sources of oil

98 oil producing nations
68 of them have passed their production peak.

Gross and net HUBBERT curve differs between the energy return since you have to put in energy to obtain it later.

We reach the days of easy cheap oil not the end of oil.
IEA have been the great optimists during the years making policies for governments now says: “we must leave oil before oil leaves us.” Now they have started to make some relevant research.

Every player now down plays what estimates can be counted on, even OPEC. Bunkering up is

Match peak oil priorities with climate change priorities: which mean match energy supply security and climate stability.

Low carbon society is a design project, will not occur randomly

PLAN scenarios, targets and adaptation plans, POWER DOWN energy productivity and relocation and POWER UP clean and resilient energy supply are the TRANSITION PRIORITIES

The local energy infrastructure is the answer is the most resilient part of the transition 40 – 50% of the energy needed will be this.

400 TT initiatives world wide. 1000 are wannabees.

TT is not a franchise system, but self organizing. Positive solution focussed

Dickson: Stages of change model: put people over the edge to make them going.
Pre-contemplation their is no problem
Contemplation maybe I do have a problem, but…

Finally the preparation stage where you start do smth about it. People change when their inner tension in values diverse too much.

Put the oil peak puncture upside down and get an image of an oil pit in which we dive and try to swim and hope to find treasures at the bottom…

Became relevant when the movement started to create jobs!

Needs to wrap up towards the end social enterprise is the deepening point where it is not a project any more.

67% hade hört talas om TT i Totnes 33% hade blivit med nå’n gång medan 6 % aktiv over längre tid.

Food/ energy/ transport/housing are the core fields for resiliens guarding

BASIC NEEDS acc. to Kasser:
- Saftey, security, sustenance
- Competence, efficacy self esteem

Mapping of from where food idealistically should come with a concentric start in the very near neighbourhood ending in rest of the world. 80 home made 20 import. Grains and carbon hydrates is the tricky thing due to requirement of land.
Vegetables are not the issue – it takes little land.
Permaculture small scale farming produces more/acre though it is not properly evaluated yet due to its multi dimensional complex nature.

Top document is an Energy Decent Plan now being prepared in a very participatory way. Authorities well aware of it and will receive it for implementation soon..

Lots of by projects local currency.

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